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Hot Process Soaps, Cold Process Soaps…Is One Better Than the Other?

The short answer is no. There are many opinions about this, just as there are about most subjects. That’s all fine and opinions do matter, but I believe the subject here should be about preferences, not opinions. The original method of crafting soap centuries ago, was actually Hot Process. That process carried on for quite some time, and as civilization changed and new ideas became processes, as was the case with making soap. I don’t know that there is a need of explaining how saponification works, as that is something that has been written thousands of times. Now, the method in which saponification occurs in Hot Process is faster than Cold Process, when done correctly, the result of both is a self-formulated, hand-crafted bar of pure Artisan Soap. Sure, they look a bit different, as Hot Process Soaps take on a more rustic appearance, and Cold Process Soaps take on a smoother appearance. You can swirl both, decorate the tops, use clays, essentials, along with all the other quality additives. When crafted carefully and correctly at the proper temperature, Hot Process Soaps do not lose or minimize the benefits of the oils, butters, or anything else. A different, or “bad” outcome is possible, just as it is in crafting Cold Process Soaps. It is not inevitable, however. Technically, you could use a Hot Process bar the next day, but why? It won’t last long and it’s just not a good practice! We allow our bars to cure a minimum of 4 weeks, before packaging and making them available. This way, the bars a good and firm and fully cured.

Plain and simple, Hand-Crafted Artisan Soaps are better for us, our customers, and the environment. I mean, who wants to wash their body with a bar of detergent? Not me! At times, customers have asked if our Soaps are better then those crafted the Cold Process Method. Our answer is no. We simply prefer to craft our Soaps this method. We have even told those who are undecided something very simple. If you don’t purchase our Soaps, please buy from another Artisan. Of course, we would love for them to purchase from us, but if they don’t, our suggestion might just help them purchase from you. The point here is simple. We all make quality Artisan Soaps and other Skin Care Products. Whether It’s Melt & Pour, Cold Process or Hot Process, we all craft unique items that provide immense benefits. It is a preference in how we craft our products, it is the customers preference in what they purchase. That’s a win-win.

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