For Every Retail Bar of Soap Sold, we will Donate a Bar of Soap to Ukraine, a Homeless Shelter or Organization.

Homelessness is a very real issue, not only in America, but around the World.  Children account for approximately 18% of the homeless population.  Of all the needs the homeless have, personal hygiene is a critical need.  We all know the importance of washing our hands, and we have the ability and resources to wash whatever, whenever the need arises.  Imagine going days, weeks, even months without being able to cleanse.

In April 2022, we donated over 600 bars of handmade soap to the families in Ukraine.  See our blog post.

Regardless of why someone is homeless, they are human beings and need help.  At Rustic Country Soaps & More, we are committed to helping the homeless.  For every bar of soap we sell at retail, we will donate a bar to a homeless shelter or organization which provides assistance to the homeless and those less fortunate.  

Please join us. Together, we can/will make a difference.  Bar Bought, Bar Given.