Collection: Bath Salts & Salt Bars

Salt Bars provide great lather, cleanliness, great scents, and light to moderate exfoliation, depending on the salt grain size used.  We have blended some premium salts from around the world with our proprietary soap recipes to bring you some of the best salt bars available. Our Salt Bars are crafted for those who really get their hands dirty.  Whether you work in an industry where you get your hands really dirty, a Home Gardener or just need some added scrubbing, these bars are sure to cleanse away even the most stubborn dirt.  Loaded with Beneficial Oils, Clays, Salts, Essentials and more.

Bath Salts can provide many known and wonderful benefits for you and your skin.  You have several choices, all with their own unique qualities. From Epsom Salts to Salt from the Dead Sea, let RCS add some luxury and relaxation to your bath. **

**Please, we ask that you consult a health care professional if you are or have recently been under their care for any condition, or are pregnant, or believe you may be pregnant, prior to taking a Salt Bath.  Enjoy your bath, but if for some reason you begin to feel dizzy when taking a Salt Bath, carefully get out, drink some water, and take it easy as you may be dehydrated.