Collection: Luxury Candles

Our Candles are some of the cleanest burning candles available.  In our pure Soy Candles, we use Only Soy Wax from Soybeans grown in the Midwest U.S.  We never use Paraffin or any Soy Blend containing it.  Our Soy Blend Candles are crafted from a proprietary blend of Soy Wax, Coconut Oil and Beeswax.

The high-quality LCS Cotton Wicks provide a nice steady burn, without any Zinc wire or paper in their core.  No Zinc and No Stink.

RCS Candles are always scented with quality fragrances formulated by companies that care.  Our Candles are always free of Phthalates and the 100% Soy Candles are 100% Vegan.  No matter which wax, which scent, which size, or which vessel, we believe you will enjoy the beautiful sight, scent and ambiance.

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