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Benefits of Our Soaps and the Ingredients They’re Made With

Helps with Acne, Hides Scars, Tames your Psoriasis & Eczema, Rids Your Skin of Age Spots, No More Itch, and so many other claims you read and hear. Are they true? Certainly, they are. Can we be more specific? We’d love to, and we actually did, but that has to change! Most other Artisan Soap and Cosmetic Makers make the claims that really aren’t too good to be true, they just aren’t supposed to be written or said unless they have been through the rigorous process of being classified as a Pharmaceutical Company, which would designate their products as a drug. I would bet the farm that isn’t the case for the majority. It’s not that any of us that did, or still do make these claims falsely. No, the FDA has a rather large, yet understandable set of guidelines we have chosen to adhere to. We believe It is necessary for us to do the right thing, and voluntarily make those changes now, rather than do the wrong thing and be forced to do them later. It just makes good sense. Besides, our Snake Oil Soap that made us look and feel 20 again wasn’t doing too well…KIDDING!!!  We believe you know what you’re looking for in a product and have likely taken the time to research which ingredients are proper for you, and your situation. We can say our Soaps can add moisture to your skin, give it a glow, make you feel nice and smell good, but as much as we would like to, and perhaps even attest to, we cannot suggest or imply any medicinal properties that will make any condition better. See for yourself what a difference our soaps can make. Study the ingredients. All our soaps are not the same soap with different essentials or fragrances. There is a soap just for you. We believe you will like what you see and feel. And who knows what a difference a bar makes. Take a look at our thoughtful and quality Artisan Soaps (and other products) @ You’re always welcome.

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