Lavender Soy Candle

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There isn’t much more to be said about 100% Lavender Essential Oil that hasn’t already been said. But, in case you weren’t aware, the calming scent of Lavender Candles has been shown to reduce anxiety, headaches and insomnia, along with increasing overall concentration. If you enjoy the scent of Lavender, you’ll enjoy burning this candle and breath in the pure goodness of it.  9oz / 255.15g white glass with a wooden lid and a wooden wick.

Special Note:  *Allow your candles to burn for 2-3 hours, or to a full pool of melted wax, as candles develop a “memory”.  If only lit to a partial pool, they will burn in a way where much of the wax remains unused.  Never allow your candle to burn longer than 4 hours.   Trim or pinch burned wood from the wick before each use for the best flame.  Never leave lit candles unattended.  Discard the candle when approximately .5” of wax remains.